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About Us

The idea was conceived by Godfrey-Payton Chartered Surveyors’ desire to find a market for low grade timber on behalf of their land owning clients. In conjunction with the Warwickshire Rural Hub it was established that there was a market for woodchip to supply local boilers being installed; the issue seemed to be the establishment of a secure supply chain for the product.

The instigation of the project was dependant on award of a grant from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This was successfully secured during 2009 by Godfrey-Payton on behalf of the group.

The benefits to the rural community are significant and include:

  • Establishing a market to enable woodland owners to carry out desired management activities.
  • The creation of a strong woodfuel supply chain in the County.
  • Access to further funding.
  • Increasing work demands for forestry contractors.

A substantial Bioenergy Infrastructure Scheme (BEIS) grant was secured in 2009. Following this Warwickshire Woodfuel Ltd. was formed in November 2009. Robert Williams was appointed as project manager and the group has progressed steadily under his guidance.

Today we have over 500 tonnes of seasoned wood in stock, ready for supply. The first batch has been chipped and deliveries to customers commenced in early October 2010. We are currently looking to expand both our supply and usage contracts. Quality control procedures in place ensure that the chip supplied is below 30% moisture content which burns more efficiently in biomass boilers.


The directors come from a variety of different backgrounds and have a wide range of experience from landowners to end users. With this experience and technical expertise we feel that Warwickshire Woodfuel Ltd. is well placed to be a successful and profitable producer group.

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