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Products and Services


Why Choose woodchip?

With gas and oil prices on the increase switching to wood fuel can cut your heating bills. Wood chip can cost less than natural gas and is significantly cheaper than either heating oil or LPG. Advances in combustion technology has meant that automatic wood fuel boilers are reliable, efficient, clean burning with low emissions, and are convenient to use. Carbon released during the combustion process is re-absorbed by growing trees. So as long as trees and woodlands are replanted wood fuel is renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral.

Quality Standards

We sell woodchip (size classification G30) processed from locally sourced wood and dried to below 30% moisture content.  We chip the timber ourselves so we can make sure that our high standards are maintained.  We know which woodland each batch of woodchip comes from and so can demonstrate that our woodchip comes from a sustainable source.

Prices start at £100 per tonne plus delivery.

Delivery Options

We have a centrally located storage depot and we can deliver chip to meet your requirements. We have alternative methods of delivery to accommodate any problems such as noise, access or size of storage facility.

Supply Contracts

Currently we charge on a weight basis and are open to negotiation about any potential long term supply contracts. With our woodchip being drier than standard there are commercial advantages in using this method of invoicing.

Other Services

In association with Mercia Energy Ltd we can offer a comprehensive service to help plan and design biomass energy projects. This includes feasibility studies, system design, boiler supply, installation and maintenance contracts, and boiler operator training.

Please contact Robert Williams (Project Manager) to discuss woodchip supply and to see if we could offer you a competitive supply package.


We are actively seeking to increase our producer portfolio. Becoming a member can offer the following benefits:

  • A market for your secondary timber and thinning.
  • No commitment
  • Initial survey – Free initial advisory service provided by Heartwoods
  • Subsidised Technical Advice – Approved contractors are supported through Heartwoods to deliver a day of professional time at a heavily subsidised cost of £100.00 + VAT per day, which includes:
    • Site visit by a professional forester to assess your woodland’s potential and discuss management options;
    • High quality, written report summarising your woodland’s characteristics, available grant support and its economic potential for e.g. timber production and wood-fuel opportunities;
    • All travel and other expenses.


The cost of membership is £100 + VAT.

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Getting started

Please contact Zoe Bell (Membership Secretary) for more information on how to become a member.